YMC is a software engineering consultancy, helping digital projects succeed by fostering a progressive culture of learning with pure flexibility and openness to innovation. The main goal of this project was to improve the user experience and modernize the design of YMC’s website, creating a more engaging and accessible online presence for the company.


UX/UI Designer
Strategy & Creative Director
Fullstack developer
2 Stakeholders

My role

I was responsible for designing the user experience and interface for YMC’s website revamp project. I worked closely with the development team to ensure the design was technically feasible and collaborated with the Strategy and Creative director to align the website design with the company’s branding and marketing objectives. Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to deliver a successful website revamp that improved user engagement and accessibility, resulting in a positive impact on YMC’s online presence.

Problem space

I’ve conducted thorough generative research for their project using user interviews, surveys and competitor analysis, which provided valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, as well as areas of opportunity for differentiation from competitors.

Problem statement

How might we revamp YMC’s website to create a more engaging and accessible online presence, reflecting the company’s growth and industry expertise, while improving user engagement and lead generation?

Project goals

The goal of this project was to revamp YMC’s website to create a modern, user-friendly online presence that accurately reflects the company’s brand and values, while positioning them as a leader in the software engineering consultancy industry. This will be achieved through improved navigation, intuitive design, and optimized content to generate more leads.

First explorations

For the YMC website redesign, wireframes are crucial to ensure a clear plan for layout, functionality, and content. They should consider the needs of YMC’s target audience and include intuitive navigation, search, and visual elements that showcase YMC’s brand and expertise. With well-planned wireframes, we can create a seamless user experience and position YMC as an industry leader.

Discoveries & findings

We conducted research and analysis which revealed navigation and content issues on the YMC website, leading to low engagement and conversions. To address these issues, we conducted user surveys and competitor analysis, recommending a website revamp with a modern, user-friendly design, improved navigation and content organization, and optimized content to generate more leads.


Our YMC website solution design planned the layout, functionality, and content to meet business goals and user needs, delivering a high-quality user experience that showcases YMC’s brand and expertise.


Honorable Mention on Jul 26, 2021, with a mobile excellence award from awwwards highlighting the effectiveness of the design and its impact on the user experience.

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